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Privilege Limousines

For exclusive car rental Cyrus is working together with Le Privilège Limousine. They offer driver specialists in Paris and at the French Riviera. With its experience, Le Privilège Limousines accompanies you during all your business or private trips, offering high quality personalized service cars with multilingual drivers at the French Riviera. Le Privilège Limousines Paris offers a luxurious car service sedan mini-van with multilingual drivers.

It’s a pleasure for us to work with Le Privilège Limousine as a partner in business, but especially for our clients. If you want to make use of this special car renting service, contact Sylvana and she will send all details of your wishes to them. Whether you would like to visit special places along the beautiful Côte d’Azur or to visit famous restaurants or nightclubs in Saint-Tropez. At the end of the evening they will take you back to your luxury villa. But if you want them to stay close all evening to take you anywhere in Saint-Tropez, they can provide that service as well.