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Follow your dreams and enjoy the French way of life at the Gulf of Saint-Tropez!

Luxury villas in Saint-Tropez

The portfolio of Cyrus is a very special one, because we select villas not because they are for sale or rent, but because it’s all about ‘added value‘! Cyrus is more than familiar with the local market and we know exactly how you, our client, would like to live at the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. You are not looking for any ordinary villa, but for a villa in the high end of the market.

Cyrus offers villas in the region of Saint-Tropez, because we know this area exceptionally well. We can give our clients the exact information they are looking for. Each client has his or her own wishes, that’s why Cyrus has limited itself to this special region and offers you villas ‘tailor made’ by www.serip-groupe.com.

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Cyrus Management

The management of Cyrus International Properties is formed by Sylvana Maanurdin and Ron van Veen. Sylvana and Ron have built and extended their skills and experience during the last 35 years as entrepreneurs in the region of Saint-Tropez. They both have an international network to assist them in the job they are doing, and both are focussed on the future.

Sylvana is CEO, in charge of the Cyrus team, which takes care of Villa Management, deploying chefs, nannies, security, captains, chauffeurs, etc. She is our clients’ ‘personal assistant’, supervising the services of our team-members and controlling the quality of our services constantly.

Ron is CFO and in charge of our ‘back office’, taking care of all the financial aspects in the company. He also advises a number of our international clients on various fields.


Sylvana Maanurdin (CEO)

Sylvana was born in 1956 and has turned her life into one big adventure. As an entrepreneur she has experience in a range of industries. For the last 20 year she has been working in the real estate market. She is much sought after by our clients, as her most important talents are integrity, professionalism and last but not least: having fun!

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Ron van Veen (CFO)

Ron was born in 1949 and has been a businessman for the last 35 years. He studied business economics and marketing. His passion is creativity in thinking and acting and he is always looking for new business adventures together with Sylvana. With his skills and experience, he is an outstanding ‘partner in business’ for our clients.

Contact me directly Phone https://cyrusvillas.com/contact/