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Ocean view villa in the South of France

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Ocean view villa in South of France

Ocean view villa in the South of France

Offer customers an amazing holiday. This was already the purpose over the past 20 years, and we have achieved this goal by delivering each customer the most wonderful ocean view villa in the South of France. Together with the amazing atmosphere in South of France and a lot of additional services, we are able to find the right villa that suits all of your wishes.

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About Cyrus International Properties

Ocean view villa South of France

It is all about ‘added value’ for Cyrus. CEO Sylvana has created a team of hardworking professionals. Together with business partners and thanks to the good relationship with customers, we offer high standards of services. For people who are looking for a villa in the high end of the market with an ocean view, and for people who like very luxury services, we offer the perfect holiday.

Rent an ocean view villa in South of France

The portfolio of Cyrus is a very special one, because we select only a villa when it is an exclusive ocean view villa in South of France. It is all about the added value to enjoy an amazing holiday. The prices of renting a house vary from €10.500 to €50.000 per week. The even more exclusive ocean view villas in South of France are offered on request.


 About the ocean view Villas in South of France

Ocean view villa in South France

Our ocean view villas in South of France are enriched with a beautiful design and ensure optimal comfort. Each villa contains an extensive living room, pleasant dining room, relaxing pools with comfortable lounge beds, an outside area and a modern kitchen. In addition to this comfortable equipment, the villa offers a fantastic view over the ocean.

Additional ocean view villa services

Adding value is not just offering a wonderful villa with a view over the ocean. In addition Cyrus will fulfil all your wishes. Whether you would like to visit a famous restaurant, or you would like to go to a bar or beach club, our service team will ensure this request. Whether you would go there by helicopter, or by limousine, our service team will give you that. Another possibility is a beautiful boat trip, to see the best places of the South of France seaside. To make sure that you won’t have to do any work on your vacation, we can provide you with staff like cleaning maids, nannies, butlers and chefs de cuisine.