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Holiday transport of your car and luggage

Holiday transport of your car and luggage

Arriving rested at your holiday destination and not in the mood for a long and tiring drive? Have your car and luggage brought to the relevant location by a driver of Gentle Drivers. This way you have your own car and you travel without luggage. At the desired time, the driver is ready to return your car, including the luggage, to your place of residence. You board the plane rested and fly back home where the driver is ready for you. We can also arrange trailer transport for the more exclusive cars. The advantages of this service:

  • Your own car on vacation!
  • Do not rent a car!
  • Arrive rested at the holiday destination.
  • Mileage registration and kilometer guarantee.
  • Car is ready for crops at the airport!
  • Luggage can be taken with the car!

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All our services are performed with the latest equipment and well-trained drivers.


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