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Exclusive holiday in Saint-Tropez

Luxury villas and exclusive services in Saint-Tropez

Exclusive holiday Saint-Tropez

Exclusive holiday in Saint-Tropez

Ensuring our customers having the exclusive holiday in Saint-Tropez of their dreams; that is the main priority of Cyrus International Properties. For over 20 years we have been optimizing, maintaining and offering an amazing catalogue of holiday villas  in the Saint-Tropez area. Saint-Tropez, known for its great atmosphere, is a classical destination as a luxury paradise.

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Exclusive holiday in Saint-Tropez

About us

Exclusive holiday in Saint-Tropez

CEO Sylvana and the team of hard-working professionals around her lead Cyrus International Properties. Everyday they give their best to make sure the service level is at its best. That is what you may expect from us and what you will get. Excellent relationships with our customers and close cooperation with Cyrus’ business partners contribute to the perfection of our service level.  The perfect maintenance of our properties and countless possibilities for extended, additional services are only an example of our customers being at the heart of our business.


The exclusive holiday in Saint-Tropez we offer

Cyrus International Properties offers the most exclusive holiday in Saint-Tropez. Needles to say the most important element in this holiday is the villa in which you will be staying. For that reason, we collected a broad range of luxury villas. Our catalogue consists of more than 250 villas so that almost every combination of characteristics can be granted. We offer properties in a price range from €10.500 to €50.000 a week. Additional to these villas we offer a few villas at a higher price range. These villas are the most exclusive holiday villas available in the Saint-Tropez area. You can request the prices by e-mailing us the villa(s) of your interest or by calling us directly.

Luxurious villas

Exclusive holiday in Saint-Tropez

Our villa catalogue as displayed on our website consist of well maintained villas each with an authentic design. In each villa you will find a state of the art kitchen, swimming pool, nicely equipped dining and living rooms and comfortable beds. Combine these basic elements with a breathtaking surrounding and top it off with the availability of our full service team and you have an impression of the experience of an exclusive holiday in Saint-Tropez.


Cyrus’ services

As we mentioned before, one of the important factors that makes this exclusive holiday in Saint-Tropez unique are the additional services we offer. Whenever you desire something special, it is our pleasure to realise it. Limousine pick-ups, restaurant reservations, or a table at the area’s greatest bars and beach clubs, our team is happy to arrange it for you. Without doubt, we can also arrange staff like cleaning maids, nannies, chefs de cuisine and butlers. Experience the French Riviera in a way you have never seen it before with our helicopter or boat tours. In short: there is a lot to experience during an exclusive holiday in Saint-Tropez!