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Admire and experience the Ladies Car Rally

It’s a fact that more and more women love cars. Whether they are brand new or very old. And to share this love, the Rallye des Princesses will take place this year from 1 to 6 June. The rally start in Paris and will end on June 6 at the end point: Place des Lices in Saint-Tropez.

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Beautiful cars & feminine elegance

Visit the spectacular end of the Rallye des Princesses in Saint-Tropez and experience happiness, glamor, charm, sport, elegance and the glam life style! The combinations of dream cars and modern women will make this day very special.

In 6 days the prestigious amount of 80 luxury cars will make an incredible route from Paris to the French Rivera. So when you’re near or in Saint-Tropez on June 6, you need to experience this special event. Read more about the Rallye des Princesses.

Ladies Car Rally st Tropez villa rental


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