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Saying “yes” in Saint-Tropez: The most breathtaking villas to get married

Hi there, love birds. Are you saying “yes” to the man or women of your dreams soon? Move over Bora Bora, Bali and Paris. Saint-Tropez is the destination you want to go to. While once being put on the map by Brigitte Bardot, the city bursts with beautiful and talented people, sensuality, and excitement. To wander around, enjoy delicious meals in one of its many top restaurants and bars, to party, or to enjoy the privacy and comfort of your own villa.

Getting married to your soul mate in the sizzling atmosphere of Saint-Tropez; thé place to be for the rich and fabulous. The unforgettable charm of the Saint-Tropez glamour mixed with French romance makes it the ultimate wedding location for many couples. Each of our villas offers a different atmosphere. From a romantic outdoor weddings in a beautiful garden to wedding receptions in the modern and glamourous interior of a luxurious villa, or a place where all your family and friends can stay; we will find the dream location for you.

Our most romantic villas

Villa Silvia

What’s more lovely than a wedding with seaview? Touched by the waves, overlooking the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, and typical French elegance makes these villas the perfect place for a grand party and wedding. The private marina and boathouse, in addition, allow you and your guests direct access by boat. (read more about this villa)


Villa Natura

With a fantastic garden and pool that is designed to look like a small lake, Villa Natura offers you complete privacy to enjoy an unforgetteable wedding party with all your guests. In the middle of nature, 25 minutes from Saint-Tropez, you may celebrate all night long. This private, family hub has 5 bedrooms for those who might need some sleep after the party finally comes to an end… (read more about this villa)

Your private chef

A proper wedding party is not complete without delicious, mouthwatering food. Choosing for a private chef, will ensure that you and your guests will have the most delicious, mouthwatering food available, fully complementing your wedding-theme, if you like. From the open outdoor kitchen or the kitchen inside the house, he will prepare a spectacular buffet or the most prestigious small amuses for you and your guests. We are delighted to help you arranging this and have the best private chefs of Saint-Tropez in our network, to make your intimate wedding complete!