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Saint-Tropez estate agent

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Saint-Tropez estate agent

Why would you rent a villa in Saint-Tropez when you could own one? Owning Saint-Tropez real estate is interesting for several reasons. Firstly, the Saint-Tropez area is one of stunning beauty. The beautiful coastlines and rolling hills are a sight to behold, so being able to retreat there is a true pleasure. Secondly, Saint-Tropez real estate is an interesting investment opportunity. Due to the popularity of the region, real estate is a much sought after commodity. We all know that a high demand for something creates opportunities. That is why you need a Saint-Tropez estate agent, and Cyrus International Properties is exactly what you need.

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Saint-Tropez estate agent

History of Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez estate agent

The small coastal town of Saint-Tropez is a very special place. It has a very rich history, but only started to really flourish several decades ago. In the twenties Saint-Tropez attracted the artistic and creative elite, with painters and fashion designers flocking to the small town for a few years. After World War II, Saint-Tropez became the home of the French existentialists, and regained a lot of its former fame thanks to people such as Louis de Funès and Brigitte Bardot. Since then, it has never left the spotlights, with the rich and famous still visiting and enjoying their Saint-Tropez homes (or yachts) every year.

About Cyrus

Cyrus International Properties is an established Saint-Tropez estate agent, and will aid you in the process of finding and acquiring your property. Owning Saint-Tropez real estate is a luxury that is reserved to a very select few, and therefore it will always remain special. At Cyrus, we have extensive experience in arranging and overseeing the sale of Saint-Tropez real estate. We can advise you in your negotiations, and thanks to our local, established network, we are aware of all changes in the local real estate market. We provide every service you might expect from a Saint-Tropez estate agent.

The property of your dreams

Saint-Tropez estate agent

Saint-Tropez is home to some of the most stunning villa’s and properties in the world. A property in the hills near the sea is sure to have stunning sights and beautiful gardens, often complemented by a magnificent pool. If your property is located in or near the town of Saint-Tropez itself, it will put you in the middle of the action, and ensure you experience the vibrant atmosphere that is home to the town. Buying Saint-Tropez real estate with Cyrus is the start of an amazing experience.

Renting out your Saint-Tropez real estate

If you are the proud owner of Saint-Tropez real estate, we would be glad to extend our services to you. Of course this is purely optional, but Cyrus is more than just a Saint-Tropez estate agent. We also arrange luxurious holidays and villa rentals. If you please, we can feature your property on our website as available for rent. We will then act as an intermediary between you and potential renters. Having Cyrus as an intermediary means you will not have to worry about anything. We will arrange any additional service the tenant asks for, while also making sure your property remains in great condition. This way, we hope to be of service to you for as long as you rent out your beautiful Saint-Tropez real estate.