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Exclusive villas in The French Riviera

The main goal of Cyrus International Properties is: to ensure customer satisfaction! Cyrus has already succeeded in this purpose by offering the most exclusive villas in the French Riviera for the past 20 years. The amazing ambience of the French Riviera together with our exclusive services, results in your dream holiday!


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Exclusive villa rental in The French Riviera

About Cyrus International Properties

Exclusive villas in French Riviera

Over the past 20 years, CEO Sylvana has collected a team of loyal and hard working professionals for Cyrus International Properties. Together with her business partners Cyrus has built up a good relationship with their customers. With the help of our customers, we have achieved a high standard of services and only because of their trust and loyalty, we are able to offer higher standards in our services. This is expressed in our well maintained properties and the possibilities of our extensive additional services.

The Exclusive Villas in the French Riviera

Cyrus International Properties presents a selection of the most exclusive villas in the French Riviera to enjoy a wonderful holiday. The rental prices vary from €10.500 to €50.000 per week. The most exclusive villas in the French Riviera are offered on request.


Expectation of the Exclusive Villas in the French Riviera

Exclusive villas in French Riviera

The beautiful design of our exclusive villas creates an optimal comfort. Each villa is equipped with an extensive living room, pleasant dining room, relaxing pools with comfortable lounge beds, an outside bar and a modern kitchen. Besides, all villas offer a fantastic view. For example over the French Riviera bay. In short, the perfect accommodation for your dream holiday!

Exclusive Villa Services

Cyrus delivers many additional services on top of the comfortable exclusive villas. When you as a customer have a request to do something special, our service team will ensure that you can do it. If you would like to visit one of the luxury restaurants, bars or beach clubs established in the French Riviera, simply request the service team, and they will be happy to provide you with a reservation and a limousine pick-up. Other activities could be a helicopter tour or an exciting boat trip. During these special trips, you can enjoy the wonderful French Riviera seaside. To make sure that you don’t have to do any work on your vacation, we can provide you with staff like cleaning maids, nannies, butlers and chefs de cuisine.