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Best beachclubs in Saint-Tropez

Are you planning to spend your summer on the magnificent beaches of the French Riviera? Then you can’t miss the best beach clubs in Saint-Tropez. Pampelonne beach has some of the most sophisticated and coolest private beach clubs on the planet which are definitely worth a visit. But which one of the 25-plus beach clubs should you choose? We made a list with some of our favorites!

best beachclubs in Saint-Tropez

Club 55

Probably the most well known beach club on the Pampelonne beach. Many Hollywood stars spend their days here, enjoying a delicious lunch and fancy cocktails. Though it is a trendy beach club now, it started very small. During the shooting of the movie “And God created woman” starring Brigitte Bardot, the beach club was a wooden cabin meant as a cafeteria for the filmcrew in 1956. Today however, it is nothing but luxury!

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Nikki Beach

You can’t have a list of beachclubs in Saint-Tropez without mentioning beach club Nikki Beach. Here guests can relax on big and luxurious sun beds while drinking champagne with great music in the background. Nikki Beach is more than just a beach bar, they have a perfect mix of music, dining and fashion. Nikki Beach even has her own music label and clothing line. We strongly advise you visit Nikki Beach for the unique experience they have created.

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Tahiti Plage

The longest running beach club on Pampelonne beach. Though it started in 1946 it has managed to stay with the time and is extremely popular. It doesn’t only offer one of the best beaches on in the Rivièra, but also functions as a hotel with spacious rooms with a beautiful view of the clear waters of the Meditiranian sea. Guests have access to a fitnessarea, tennis courts and nearby beaches. A true recommendation!

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Moorea Beach Club

Known as brisk and cheerful. It is the the place where you can enjoy a great meal while listening to great tunes. This beach club is a bit more down to earth than its competitors on Pampelonne beach. This is a great place to relax. Hugh Grant, Joan Collins and Rod Stewart haven been spotted on multiple occasions.

Pampelonne beach might well have become one of the most exclusive places where the worlds richest and most famous people spend their vacation. Are you planning to go to Saint-Tropez? Then visiting this beach is an absolute must! Contact us now to see which exclusive villas are still available nearby these famous beach clubs!